Honouring the wrathful (energizing and energy clearing) Buddhist 'deity', this 7 movement work, when performed live, has the horn player moving to five locations in the performance space to outline a mandala. The cellist remains seated throughout. 
Extended just intonation, with the 1st movement featuring harmonics 1-31 of the low horn in C. 
Originally released in 2003. Featuring the fabulous playing of Matthew Farrell accompanied by myself on horn.

Meditative song with text from the classic by LaoTzi. Chapter One, The Dao that can be expressed is not everlasting Dao. The gorgeous singing of Wendy Dixon along with the wonderful playing of Lisa Wynne-Allen on horn along with myself on horn. The tuning is 7-limit just intonation.

Playful rhythmic instrumental in 5-limit tuning. A simple chord progression of major triads and a lovely melody. My thanks to Byron Westbury - trumpet; Rachel Westwood - violins; Annalisa Solinas - horn; Brett Page - trombones; David Manual - percussion and Jack Garzonio - recording engineer and producer.

10 horns (2 solo plus 8) and 4 trombones express the equalizing quality of the Meditation Buddha Ratnasambhava.

3-limit tuning.

Born from my piece A Hundred Valleys this is for solo horn with 9 horns accompanying in gentle just intonation harmonies.

Recorded in Studios 301 in February 2020 with Jack Garzonio engineering and producing. 

I played all the horn parts.