Born from my piece A Hundred Valleys this is for solo horn with 9 horns accompanying in gentle just intonation harmonies.

Recorded in Studios 301 in February 2020 with Jack Garzonio engineering and producing. 

I played all the horn parts.

A Hundred Valleys by Michael H Dixon

Stephen Altoft

A Hundred Valleys was inspired by chapter LXVI in the Tao Te King the music presents each ‘valley’ as a low note. 330 higher notes in total approach the ‘valleys,’ this number cho- sen as a way of integrating the text and music. In all sentence one has 70 alphabetic letters, sentence two has 60. 330 equals twice 60 plus 3 times 70. The music follows the text pattern to a large extent in Section 1 and in the first line of Section 3, though is more like a reflection of words in Section 2. Line one of Section 1 relates directly to “The Ri-vers and the Seas; the Seas and the Ri-vers.” The full text:

The Rivers and the Seas (because they seek a lowly place) are Lords of a hundred valleys.
Let your love flow, seek a lowly place,
you will be Lord of a hundred valleys.

All the pitches are in just intonation and are close to the natural harmonics arising out of each tube length of the 19-tone trumpet.
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Also born from my piece A Hundred Valleys this is for solo horn and 6 horns with just intonation chord progressions.

Recorded at Studios 301 in December 2019, engineered by Jack Garzonio, co-produced by him and Chryssy Tintner.

I played all the horn parts. 

Music for solo horn and 8 accompanying horns written in 1999 to celebrate the great Buddha of All-accomplishing Wisdom. Just intonation including some 19th harmonics. Played by myself and Ian O'brien. Ian engineered and produced this in 2005.

6 equal horn parts share a theme which is microtonally adjusted throughout the piece. The just intonation intervals of the theme get closer and closer together.

Recorded in September 2019 at FlatRock Studios, engineered and produced by John Lewis.

I played all the parts.

A companion piece to Chemchok Heruka for horn and cello. The 7 movements are in extended just intonation. This is a live performance in Budeena, Australia on the 12th of June 2016. Matthew Farrell is the cellist and myself on horn.

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