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The Brass Whisperer's main aim is to play with subtle music tunings and coax brass players (and other musicians) into achieving delicious harmonies.


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SOCIAL and other INFO

Upcoming events

Microtonal groups I play with:



Chamber music groups I play with:

Omega Ensemble

Grevillea Ensemble

Composers and groups dealing with just intonation and microtonality:

Anaphoria Island and Kraig Grady

Stephen Altoft, Donald Bousted and Microtonal Projects https://microtonalprojects.com/microtonal-projects/

William Barton http://williambarton.com.au

James Batty 

Warren Burt

Wendy Carlos

Augustin Castilla-Avilla, microtonal guitar https://sites.google.com/site/kroiserensemble/2015/en/castilla_avila

Chrysalis Foundation and Cris Forster http://www.chrysalis-foundation.org

Amanda Cole https://www.amandacolemusic.com

http://www.corporealmeadows.com info on Harry Partch

David B Doty http://www.dbdoty.com

Ekmelic Music http://www.ekmelic-music.org/en/

Kyle Gann http://www.kylegann.com

Casey Hale, microtonal guitar 

Robin Hayward http://www.robinhayward.de/eng/biography.php

Hayward Tuning Vine http://tuningvine.com

Sarah Hopkins

Kepler Quartet playing the string quartets of Ben Johnston https://keplerquartet.com

Christian Klinkenberg

Liza Lim https://lizalimcomposer.wordpress.com

Micro Fest in California http://www.microfest.org

Katarina Miljkovic http://www.katarina-miljkovic.net

Shaahin Mohajeri http://www.96edo.com/default.htm

Kaija Saariaho http://saariaho.org

Bill Sethares http://sethares.engr.wisc.edu

Sevish Music

Split Notes http://split-notes.com/about-us/

Stichting Huygens-Fokker Foundation http://www.huygens-fokker.org/index_en.html

Chris Watford, expanded bassoon techniques

Ozan Yarman http://www.ozanyarman.com/welcome.html