Resources for beginners and those with a little experience.

Further resources

Educational resources for students from beginner level.

French Horn Made Simple shows the important aspects of playing. Harmonics, Valves, Air pressure. Know these 3 well and you can play the french horn well. Video on YouTube:

French Horn Trios for Developing Players all three parts are played on the video. Students are encouraged to try all three parts, each trio is repeated enough times so that students don't need to replay the video. Also the pieces are very short:

French Horn Beginners: Learn Playing Duets gives you a practice-buddy. Practising is more interesting when shared. Series 1, Part 1 is free on my YouTube channel: . 

Part 1 has 7 sessions. Each session has 3 duets. In the first you play the note C as whole notes. In the second you play the note C as half notes. In the third you play C as quarter notes. The pace is very gradual.

Modular Horns - 6 in the series so far.  Available on YouTube:                                    

Easy repetitive musical cells for near beginner (French) horn players. Group work supplement. Simple rhythm with variations encouraged. As few as two notes in a musical cell, for those students who don't always remember how to play their notes from one week to the next. A student can play one cell along with the music for the duration or change to another musical cell at will. For single F horns or single B-flat horns or double horns. 

Multi-moded may suit more advanced students undergoing embouchure rehabilitation. The pitch range is small and the pieces consolidate earlier learning.

Easy Chromatic fingering: video further down this page. 

Scales: fingerings to achieve good intonation for chords. All majors & minors

Chord progressions in simple just intonation:

Transposition: Easy steps to transpose using the Cycle of 5ths.

Modular music for those with a year or so experience.

Multi-moded for horn & piano.