Educational resources for students from beginner level.

Play With Ease: Beginner French horns gives a beginner student a practice-buddy. The series is being developed to be a year long program to work in conjunction with the band program Play With Ease or to supplement regular lessons with a good teacher. 12 of 96 videos released on YouTube so far (June 28, 2020).

Modular Horns - 6 in the series so far.                                          Easy repetitive musical cells for near beginner (French) horn players. Group work supplement. Simple rhythm with variations encouraged. As few as two notes in a musical cell, for those students who don't always remember how to play their notes from one week to the next. A student can play one cell along with the music for the duration or change to another musical cell at will. For single F horns or single B-flat horns or double horns. 

Multi-moded may suit more advanced students undergoing embouchure rehabilitation. The pitch range is small and the pieces consolidate earlier learning.

Michael's Microtonal Method is for advanced players wishing to expand their knowledge, experience and skills.

Overview, Episode One (3rd harmonic) & Episode Two (5th harmonic) published so far.