This Need Not Be

Michael H Dixon

Lyrical, microtonal, original style using just intonation on acoustic instruments.

This instrumental song was inspired by a phrase from the book 'A Course in Miracles'. Delightful chord progressions come about by adjusting the valve slides of the horn to match certain harmonics. The 7th, 11th and 13th harmonics, with pitches a considerable distance from standard pitches, could be used as the roots of chords. This version is for 1 solo horn with 6 horns playing chords in just intonation. It is actually 2 songs. The first song, with a lilting 3 beats in a bar, is heard once with the solo line with chords, then heard once without the solo line. The solo with chords version is heard again followed by the 2nd song which has a slower beat and 4 beats a bar. The solo part in song 1 covers a small range of only one octave and only slightly increases in range in song 2. All parts were played by the composer and recorded at Studios 301, Alexandria, Sydney on October 2, 2014. Additional editing and mastering by Peter Rankine.

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