Subtly Tuned Music

Silver Art Upstream

by Michael H Dixon

Released 2018
Michael H. Dixon
Released 2018
Michael H. Dixon
Gorgeous just intonation harmonies with the lush sounds of 6 horns and 4 for the 3rd title.
Our Days was composed as a song yet played by solo horn with 5 horns multitracked to provide lovely weaving harmonies in 13-limit just intonation. The solo part was performed by the composer in Freiburg for EUROMicroFest2017 in May 2017 and in Sydney the same month for the Oort Festival.
The title Silver Art Upstream was also performed in the same way at both events and is a Chorus repeated twice with the music slightly changed and separated by interludes to give the feeling of swimming and diving.
The title This Instant, for 4 horns, is released in recording form for this album and is a series of palindromes in which the middle note is omitted part way through to foster a sense of meditative silence.
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The Brass Whisperer's main aim is to play with subtle music tunings and coax brass players (and other musicians) into achieving delicious harmonies.


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