Subtly Tuned Music

Seven Small Wheels Revolving

by Michael H Dixon & Matthew Ockenden

Released 2012
Michael H Dixon
Released 2012
Michael H Dixon
Music using hIghly specified tunings to provide beautiful and fascinating harmonies.
Seven Small Wheels Revolving is inspired by a short passage in The Stanzas of Dzyan of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. The music begins with a simple melody which is repeated a number of times with harmonies added from 12 sets of harmonic series. The valve slides of the horn have been retuned in just intonation ratios resulting in a number of pitches in common between series as well as providing some close microtonal shifts. The horn player has 60 available pitches in the higher octave.
This work was written 2010 at the request of Sophia Rhee to be included in her PhD on new Australian compositions for bassoon. It has been performed by Matthew Farrell (cello) and the composer (horn) at the International Horn Society Symposium, Griffith University, Queensland Conservatorium of Music on 21 July 2010. This recording took place at the Australian Institute of Music and was played by Matthew Ockenden (bassoon) and the composer (horn) and engineered by Matt Croteaux and his team.
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The Brass Whisperer's main aim is to play with subtle music tunings and coax brass players (and other musicians) into achieving delicious harmonies.


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