BLOG - Horn harmonics, just intonation & other musical interests

'Brass' Instruments producing the 3rd harmonic

Nexus of pitch matching between brass and strings

Nexus between brass and strings in just intonation.

Temporary conclusion: the best nexus pitch is a C.



The chords of This Instant - a new work in just intonation for 4 horns


'Brass' instruments, fundamentals and 2nd harmonics - Part 2

SKOLION - a sketch

'Brass' instruments, fundamentals and 2nd harmonics

Grady and Brass

Horn Harmonics (to the 7th) and simple chords

Piano, Horn and Microtonality

Brass Instruments, Harmonics & Prime Limits

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The Brass Whisperer's main aim is to play with subtle music tunings and coax brass players (and other musicians) into achieving delicious harmonies.


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